Blandford Enchanted would love your help.

Did you know that Blandford Enchanted is entirely volunteer organized? There are so many ways that you too can help make Blandford Enchanted a sparkling success. Volunteers are currently sought to fill several roles during every day of the event. Below you’ll see just a few of the volunteer positions:

Entrance, Tickets – Take tickets, sell tickets, applying the admission wristband, tally attendees (3 volunteers)
Indoor Fairyscape – 1 at entrance, 2 inside, 1 exit , kids coloring, scavenger hunt (4 volunteers)
Fairy Workshop – Assist children, manage materials (4 volunteers)
Fairy Boutique – Sell merchandise, restock (3 volunteers – cashier and 2 workers)
Outdoor Fairy Trail – Check wristbands, stand along trail ( 3 volunteers)
Saturday Evening Lantern Walk – Hand out lanterns, exchange wristband for cookie at the end,
help inside and on trail (4 volunteers) NOTE: ticket sales will be indoors

Interested in Volunteering? Click HERE to visit our volunteer sign-up page and someone will be in touch with you shortly. Or, if you’d prefer, just drop our Volunteer Coordinator, Bonnie Monhart, an Email here.